10:16 AM

Maybe you should drive?

Monday morning, and I think I already had my excitement for the week! This morning, Jamie set off for work, and all seemed normal. And then he rushed back up to the apartment to tell me that our car was gone. He's all panicked, so now I'm all panicked, and I start thinking about what it is that we should do now that our vehicle has been stolen. And then I think a little more and realize that our parking garage has video surveillance, so it would be stupid to steal it out of there. And then Jamie turns to me and asks, "Oh. You parked it in E11 last night, right?"

Uhh.....I think so? But maybe check D11 just in case?

A couple minutes later, Jamie returns all smiles. Panic over.

Moral of the story: When Karen can't tell the difference between a D and an E, maybe someone else should be driving.