3:22 PM

Fun Weekend

This weekend, Jamie and I got to see a lot of our friends. First was the 2nd annual Kratt BBQ. Lots of food, and fun. Discovered that it's a pretty small world out there; either that, or the aerospace world is just really small. Got to see Barry and Monica, Richard and Heather, and Glenn and Olha which was really nice. It's been a while since we'd gotten together.

On Sunday, after having lunch with my parents (oh man, seafood congee is GOOOD), Jamie and I went to see Janice, Harold, and Anderson. We got the grand tour of their new house, which is really nice, and got to meet the little monkey.

I look a little uncomfortable, huh? Well, no one ever wants to be blamed for breaking their friend's baby, right? But I suppose he survived my, and Jamie's, awkward attempts to hold him.

He's a pretty big baby for 3 weeks old!

3:20 PM

Why is it...

...that I always pick the days that I wear white to eat spaghetti with tomato sauce, and days that I wear black to handle bleach?

I swear, it never ever fails.

8:23 AM

Ever have one of those days...

...where you just feel grumpy and crabby for no good reason? It was only 8:30am this morning when I realized that I was having one of those already.

Any tips on how to combat this?