11:08 AM

I fail

Okay. I'm totally failing at this blog thing. I often really don't know what to write! I think today will just be a point-form list of things that I've been up to lately.

  • Celebrated the arrival of the Year of the Rat by doing a TV gig for a Roger's cable show called Daytime - York Region. Driving there was crazy thanks to all the snow we've been having
  • Went to parents' place for super-awesome dinner for Chinese New Year
  • Getting ready for Dragon Ball, which is happening this Saturday. Looking forward to having that done
  • Still doing Skule Nite choreography. I need to come up with something to the Pokemon theme song (I'm still thinking about this one). This is definitely going to be my last year of SN - I'm not enjoying it like I used to, and my patience for dealing with the cast is getting shorter as I get older. I totally yelled at them the last time I saw them
  • Knitting! This is mostly documented over at Yarn for Brains, but I've been enjoying myself with it greatly
  • Saw the Spice Girls in concert with Ian. Great way to relive my younger days (haha!). And Posh Spice totally fails in the singing department. The back-up dancers were amazing though
  • Trying to keep up with my Japanese studying - this isn't going so well because I don't always feel motivated
  • Wanting a holiday cuz the daily grind is starting to get to me