5:59 PM

Yikes! It's been a while!

Okay...so a lot has happened since I last wrote!

Biggest thing is that we bought a house and sold our condo. Closing on the house is May 7, and closing on the condo is May 14. There's lots to do, but it's pretty exciting. I can't believe I'm growing up! Haha! Actually, having a house and mortgage doesn't mean my maturity level has gone up at all ^_~

Going to Kim's baby shower next weekend in Ottawa. The whole baby thing is also very exciting! I can't wait to see her, and how she's doing.

Jamie got picked for jury duty this week. He was so mad about being selected, but now he seems okay with it. They've finished closing arguments, and will begin deliberations tomorrow.

Still doing lots of dancing. Mme Fong is coming back on April 13th, so I need to get myself ready for the onslaught of work to come. PushPULL is going to be performing at some pretty public events in April too, so I'll be sure to post about that too.

Hope everyone is doing well!!