9:15 PM


Well, CDW is now done our gig at the Lantern Festival for another year. Hooray! It's been a sorta tough set of performances - for one of the dances, we had a different configuration of it for each night, and that really messed with our heads a little. But like the consummate professionals that we are, we pulled it all off in the end.

However, dancing a performance night after night kinda makes my muscles a little sore. Enter a wonderful recommendation from Gabrielle, a post-doc who sits near me. Lush makes this product called Volcano, which is like a mud mask for your feet. You're supposed to slather it all over your feet, and then put them in plastic bags to get the nice heating effect. I tried it on my feet, and they really felt amazing afterwards - seriously refreshed. Since my calves felt similarly tired, I decided to apply it to my legs, and then wrapped them up in saran wrap. And I really have to say that it felt SO NICE! I highly recommend it to all you dancers out there who want a treat for their tired legs. A little funny looking, but REALLY nice!