1:41 PM

House hunting

So, Jamie and I are now starting our little journey into house hunting. We're easing ourselves into it, and taking our time. Our agent has been sending us listings that meet our (rather loose) criteria, and we're starting to go see some that look interesting on paper.

A couple weeks ago, we went to an open house for a place on Larchmount, which is in Leslieville. Pros: Lovely hardwood floors, nice design, lots of storage in the kitchen, close to the Purple Purl. Cons: Main floor was too much like a condo, no stairs to basement, almost no storage space outside the kitchen, would need lots of work to convert apartment basement back to a regular basement. It was also right next to a school, and when I say right next to, I mean sharing the chain link fence type of right next to.

Last weekend, we checked out two houses in the west end: one at Runnymede and Bloor, the other close to Keele and Bloor. Both of them were older houses, and would need some work. The one at Runnymede had some weirdness happening in the basement with the drains, and we didn't like the kitchen. Also, somehow their realtor had failed to mention to the owners that we'd be coming to see the house, so it was all awkward because they were still at home. Made it really hard to say much about the place. The other house was really nice -- liked the kitchen, loved the front and backyard, nice layout, super location. Except it had one really major thing against it. It was crooked. The house is built on a hill, and you could feel the incline of it in various rooms in the house. Crossing a room, it felt very much like walking on the deck of a ship. Our agent said he'd never seen anything like it. We all had a good laugh walking through the place, and boy was it a good thing that no one was home.

The listings keep coming though, so I'm sure you'll hear more about our house hunting adventures!