12:00 PM


I think I mentioned in previous posts that the lady we bought the house from left us a lot of furniture. Some of it has been very useful, and some of it we really just had to get rid of. One such item that we were originally planning to get rid of was a plaid couch that looked like it was right out of the 70's. As an added touch, the lady left a mangy stuffed lion on the couch for us as well, and that was bound for the trash heap too.

That is, until our cats discovered them. Within a few days of us moving in, they had adopted the couch, and the lion, as their own. When there were boxes filling the office, only one cat could get on the couch at a time - but no longer! Behold!

And so, there go our plans of ditching the couch and the lion. We'll probably get the couch reupholstered in the days to come.