11:50 AM

Is it just me, or...

...are a ton of people that I know all into having babies now? I found out yesterday that Jensen and his wife are expecting a baby at the end of June. So, now I can add him and Viv to the list of 'parents to be' along with Janice and Harold, and Ernest and Debbie.

Jamie and I have been married around the same time as all of them (except for Ernest and Debbie, who only got married in 2006), but we haven't even contemplated children. Then again, it might be because I'm of the general opinion that I don't want any. But geez, deciding to have kids seems like such a 'grown up' decision to make. I can't say that I feel ready for that kind of commitment yet.


Barry said...

Yo, a lot of my friends are having babies. It is going to be the year of the baby.

I have been trying to have the baby conversation with both my peers and my elders to figure it out a bit. On the one hand, it seems like the kind of thing you should be deliberate about. On the other hand, how could you possibly decide about some new person's life.

One of my friends is of the opinon that you don't choose the kids, the kids choose you..

I still don't know what to do about it. I think it could be really fun being a parent. Yet, I also think that I may be too busy doing other things, and I sure wouldn't want to undertake that role without knowing I could give it the right time. Past experience has suggested that I'm not always good at taking time out for people.

Maybe I could support someone else who has children. If we raised children in some kind of communal way, maybe we wouldn't be restricted to the atomic family roles.

Nahawna Afooa said...

Barry you should be Ghanaian! They're not so interested in exactly who in the family raises the child so long as the child is raised well by the family.

Coming from a small, isolated town, most of my high-school friends have already squeezed out a few wee ones. This year, like Karen said, the rest of the civilised world has jumped on the bandwagon. I'm averaging 1.5 newbies per month! which I feel is a touch excessive, but geez are they ever cute (when you can give them back ;)