10:07 PM

Memories of Japan...and no, not the sauce

So, back in November, Jamie and I went on vacation to Japan and Hong Kong. My cousin in HK was getting married at the end of November, so we used that as an excuse to go on a bigger trip. We arrived in Tokyo on the 13th, and stayed until the 25th, but bought a rail pass to travel around. One of the things that struck me most about Japan is just the contrast between insane high-tech and old-fashioned tradition.

Here are some photos that I thought could be considered 'typical Tokyo'

Outside a pachinko parlour

From 2006 - Japan ...

Inside a Toyota dealership in Ikebukuro
From 2006 - Japan ...

Shibuya at night
From 2006 - Japan ...

Snoopy Town in Harajuku
From 2006 - Japan ...

Tomorrow: Tradition! Tra-di-tion! ♫ (how do you say Fiddler on the Roof in Japanese? ha ha)