7:51 AM

A few chill-out days

After the excitement of Disney, Jamie and I needed a few days to kick back and relax. On the Wednesday after Disney Sea, we just walked around to check the Shinjuku area, which is where our hotel is.
We aren't sure what this building is just yet. It was just built, and it's still empty inside.

Not far from us is the Metropolitan building, which is like city hall. There are free elevators that you can ride up to the top of each of the north and south towers.

That night, we took it easy, and just strolled around Akihabara, the renowned electronics paradise. No buying though, just some scoping out.

On Thursday, we went out to Yokohama for the day.
That little water taxi is called the Sea Bass here. We're sure that what they actually meant was Sea BUS, but got the translation from Japanese phonetic to English wrong.

On Saturday, we went to this amazing spa park near Hakone. No photos, but here's a link to the place we went to. We had a super relaxing time!

Sunday, I met up with my friend Jamie, and enjoyed a trip to a chocolate cafe! So yummy!
We then trolled through Akihabara, down the back alleys looking for good deals. We bought a new 4GB USB drive, and an R4 chip for our Nintendo DS.
We had a great time hanging out together!

Tomorrow, we're off to the Ghibli Museum! Yay!