11:07 AM

Vacation - start!

Jamie and I arrived in Vancouver early on Friday morning, and were picked up by my cousin Joe and his wife Patty. Next stop was for some food and coffee. Patty had gone to work at 4am before coming to get us! We went to Moxie's for brunch, and were served served portions that felt like way too much.
I think Mr. Pancake was upset that I couldn't finish my plate.

After that, we went back to their place to drop off our luggage, played a few rounds of Rock Band, and then head out to meet my other cousin Grace (Joe's younger sister) so that us girls could go and get our nails and toes done. Joyce (cousin getting married, youngest sister to Joe and Grace) met us there and we had our nails soaked, filed, shaped, and painted. The boys joked that they were sad that we hadn't asked them to see if they wanted their nails done.

Went to the mall to walk around a bit and pick up some last minute things (batteries, make-up, etc). I saw this fun little ride, and it was a nice little flash from the past.
Baby Kermit is so cute!!

Went out for dinner with Joe, Patty, Grace, Greg, and Sophia, and were joined by Joyce and Dave afterward. It was a great time!

Today is the wedding, so I'll update again soon!