7:27 AM

On to Japan!

So, we left Vancouver for Japan on Monday (July 8). The Vancouver Airport is really nice - they even have an aquarium for you to look at while waiting to board.
Forgive the bad picture!

After a nice long flight, we arrived in Tokyo. Our first night, I was too tired to take many pictures. I did take a picture of our hotel/apartment though.
It's smaller than we thought - we misunderstood what 'Standard Double' meant, but it has all the things that we need: kitchen, very nice bathroom, comfy bed, TV, and internet!

After a good night's sleep, we set out to explore some areas of Tokyo that we hadn't seen yet.
Here's a link to all the photos in my Flickr (click here); but here's a few that I thought would be nice to share.
This sandal is actually huge, and covers about half the height of the gate.
And just what am I pointing at?

It seems like there was some sort of Festival going on at Shinsoji Temple (which is where that big gate is, so there was lots of festival food around.

All that left us kinda craving veggies, so we bought some food t the grocery store nearby our place, and had a nice simple dinner (salad with egg, and fruit). I'm really enjoying the idea of being able to cook sometimes instead of having to go out all the time. I also went and got a massage today, and the lady who did it told me that my shoulders were really hard. She did a great job though, and got a lot of the knots out.

Tomorrow, we're planning to do some shopping for CDs, books, and stuff like that that we can only get here. I think I'm gonna relax in the tub now!